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We offer effective legal English training designed to provide non-native English speaking lawyers with the language skills necessary to effectively communicate and comprehend legal concepts in English

Teaching legal English involves helping the students to develop their vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and discourse patterns specifically in legal contexts.

Students learn the specific vocabulary used in various areas of law, such as contract law, criminal law, intellectual property law, etc. They become familiar with legal terms, phrases, and expressions commonly used in legal documents, courtrooms, legislation and legal discussions. Students also gain an understanding of how to express civil law concepts using common law terminology.

Teaching can be provided live or on-line with a special focus on:

Writing and Drafting Skills

Students develop skills in drafting legal documents and legal correspondence. They learn how to structure legal texts and convey legal arguments effectively.

Reading and Comprehension Skills

Student practice reading and comprehending legal texts, such as statutes, case law, regulations, and legal opinions, and develop techniques to understand the nuances of legal reasoning.

Listening and Speaking Skills

Students work on understanding spoken legal language and practice speaking in legal contexts by engaging in discussions and presenting legal arguments.

Culture and Communication

Students develop an understanding of legal systems, practices, and cultural norms, compare and contrast different legal systems, legal ethics, professional etiquette, and train effective communication in legal contexts.

Continuing professional development for members of the Swedish Bar Association

Extensive experience in providing courses in that fulfill the Swedish Bar Association's mandatory requirements for continuing professional development.

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