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Welcome to TransLegal Sweden.
A trusted, market leader in legal translations for over 30 years.​

We are experienced, native English-speaking lawyers and legal translators with extensive experience in legal translation and in teaching legal English.

We translate, inter alia:

  • Agreements
  • Court documents
  • Company incorporation documents
  • Minutes
  • Policy and employment documents
  • Documents for governmental and financial authorities
  • Financial documents including annual reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Leases
  • Wills and other probate documents
  • Legal opinions
  • Newsletters, press releases, websites
  • Academic texts
Translation and localization

Accurate, authorised translations that preserve the intended meaning and voice of the original text while ensuring the the language used is appropriate for the target jurisdiction.


Designed to improve the ability of lawyers, and other legal professionals to read, write, and communicate in English in a legal environment.


Ensuring the English in your legal documents is clear, concise and accurately reflects the intentions of the parties.

Additional languages through our global collaboration of lawyer-linguists. Enquire about your language combination.

In-house translations into English from:



Our customers include law firms, insurance companies, banks, private and listed companies, investment firms, legal publishers, government authorities, universities, and private individuals.
"Stort tack för utmärkt arbete och snabb återkoppling."
Senior Legal Counsel
"...processerna varit smidiga, snabba och översättarna varit lyhörda för användandet av önskade begrepp."
Senior Associate
"Jag har också framfört... det föredömliga sätt som TransLegal har utfört beställt arbete (inom tids- och budgetramar och med hög kvalitet) och öppenheten för dialog och ändringar..."
Project Manager
Legal publishers

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